8 Reasons to Buy an SUV

Why drive a car when you can drive an SUV? If you want space, comfort, style, and safety, the SUV gives you all those things and more. SUV sales exceed car sales every year and there is a reason why. Take a look at the top 8 reasons why you should purchase an SUV like the Ford Explorer in Miami.

1- Choices

The Explorer is one of many SUV choices available to drivers, but a popular option filled with features and safety that makes drivers happy. Whether you want a small, mid-size, or a full-size SUV, the choices make that possible.

2- Safety

An SUV is safer than a car so you feel great every time you get behind the wheel and head out on the highway.

3- Prices

SUV prices are reasonable and oftentimes more affordable than a traditional vehicle. Compare costs and it is easy to find a vehicle that meets your needs.

4- Space

Do you enjoy traveling but find a lack of space confines you to shorter destinations or you rent another vehicle? Buy an SUV and you always have the room necessary to travel short and long distances.

5- Comfort

Along with the added space for your stuff, an SUV gives you plenty of extra leg and arm room so those long trips are relaxing and comfortable for everyone.

6- Great Gas Mileage

Even the Explore has great gas mileage but that is not unusual in the SUV world. They offer great gas mileage that allows you to do more but spend less money on filling up the tank.

7- Go Off Road

Do you enjoy a trip or two off the beaten path? It is not easy to take a car off roads but an SUV goes where you want to go with ease. It is nice to travel freely and that’s the power you get with an SUV.

8- Towing Capabilities

Want to tow the boat, RV or other items along for the trip? You can easily attach your belongings and tow them when you drive an Explorer or the SUV of your choosing.